Athletic Skills
Season AT, Episode 1?
Air date  ?
Written by Clélia Constantine
Directed by Franz Kirchner
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Angelo teaches the viewers about skills you need to ace P.E. class. He also teaches the viewers what situations can be beaten back with what.


('Angelo sets up a webcam, while Sherwood plays with a basketball behind him)

Angelo: "Hey there. It's me, Angelo, with more advice on everything you need to know about everything!"

(Angelo peforms a gesture, then turns to Sherwood with an annoyed expression)

Angelo: "Uh, Sherwood?"

(Sherwood turns to Angelo)

Sherwood: "Sorry, Angelo. Coach Zonka told me to practice juggling at all times, even when showering!"

(Angelo gets a smile on his face)

Angelo: "Ha! Don't sweat it, buddy. Because today, we're talking about the importance of sport."

(Title card shows)

(Cuts to flashback of No Substitute, when Coach Zonka demanded Angelo to do twenty pushups.)

Angelo: "When your coach is running the show, sports can be a real pain."

(Coach Zonka pulls up his sunglasses)

Coach Zonka: "Drop and give me twenty, sports fan!"

(Angelo proceeds to do pushups, causing him pain)

Sherwood: "Hurts me just watching."

(Flashback ends, and skips to flashback of Picked Last, when Sherwood hits the volleyball to Angelo.)

(Angelo hits the ball back to Lola)

(Lola is about to hit the ball, when Alonzo intervenes)

Angelo: "And sports isn't much fun when you're playing against someone better than you."

(Alonzo spikes the ball and hits Angelo to the ground)

(A stunned Angelo sits up in pain)

(Flashback ends, and skips to flashback of ?, when Angelo, Lola, Sherwood and Dad are fighting over the remote)

(Angelo passes to Lola, who then passes to Sherwood)

(He passes it back to Lola)

Angelo: "And sometimes, sports can come in handy."

(Dad pivots towards Lola, which blocks her throwing path. She eventually slides the remote through Dad's legs)

Angelo: "And it can help getting your TV remote from your dad!"

(Flashback ends, and skips to flashback of A Fish Called Mr. Bubble, when Sherwood tries to win a new fish for Peter)

(Sherwood punches the punches the punching bag, winning the goldfish)

(Flashback ends, and skips to flashback of ?, when Sherwood is standing on his skateboard, doing the peace sign with his hand and being adored by others)

Angelo: "Or, win fabulous prizes!"

(Flashback ends, and skips to Angelo and Sherwood back in their room)

Angelo: "So, you see? Sports can be good for you."

Sherwood: "Keep practicing. Whoa!" (Sherwood drops his basketball, and sends it flying towards the screen) "Sorry..."

Angelo: "And keep watching for more tips on everything you need to know about everything!"

(Angelo picks up the remote and turns off the computer. Skips to credits)


  • This short refrences numerous episodes. These episodes are in order of appearence: No Substitute, Picked Last, ?, A Fish Called Mr. Bubble, and ?.
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