Angelo and Sherwood are excited to be at the unveiling of a new cool product for boys - Battle Underwear. But there's only one way to attend it (the horror), Angelo must pretend he really wants to go clothes shopping with his Mom.


Angelo and Sherwood are watching a show on the television, when the advertisements starts. Both of them are suddenly captivated by a particular ad, of Battle Underwear, which can be used to fight against friends or enemies. It is going to be unveiled that very day at 4:00 pm at the mall and everyone present will get a free Battle Underwear. Just then, Angelo's Mom enters the hall and after seeing the advertisement exclaims that it is a 'ridiculous product'. Angelo nevertheless makes up his mind that he is going to be there get a free Battle Underwear. Angelo and Sherwood go out to reach the mall in their bicycles, but then Sherwood calculates and estimates that they will reach the mall 17 minutes late. So the only way to reach the mall is by car. Angelo then makes up his mind, that he will decide to make the ultimate sacrifice. He will convince his mother that he wants to go cloth-shopping. Sherwood then tells that going cloth-shopping is the worst thing a boy can do. The chances that a Mom could say no to a boy for going cloth-shopping are 0.0000000001%. This is true because when Angelo asks his Mom, they are immediately at the mall. At the mall, Sherwood slips away, trying to reserve a seat for him and Angelo. Angelo immediately tells his Mom that he wants all the cloths and that he will have to try them on at the fitting room. He then tells that all of them are not fitting (he never even tried them on). While his Mom goes to get the clothes, Angelo then gets away to reach the unveiling. But his Mom returns and so Angelo has to improvise, he then goes to the speaker system and then tells that his Mom's car's headlights are on. Angelo's Mom hears the announcement and hurries towards her car. Angelo reaches on time and gets the Battle Underwear. As he gets ready to fight against Sherwood, he sees his mom returning and enters his fitting room. But just then, his mom enters and sees Angelo wearing Battle Underwear and then shrieks.

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