"I'm working on something"



Hunter (brother), owner of Adventure Park Land (father)

Love Interests:

Monica (one-time crush), Lola (one-time crush)


Ethan (Best friend), Monica, Lola, Ajay, Angelo, Sherwood, Manetti


Tracy, Manetti (when Manetti bullies him)


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Butter Fingers or sometimes spelt Butterfingers is one of Angelo's friends and class-mates.

He is an underachiever in volleyball, skateboarding and other sports. Butter Fingers isn't good with P.E. class either.Butter Fingers seems not to be able to do anything right, even running properly at times, always missing the point or goal, thus earning his name, Butter Fingers. He also has a big brother, named Hunter . He has a crush on Monica, and sometimes Lola.


His head is long and he wears a blue sweatshirt. His pants are some sort of magenta-ish colour and he wear brown shoes.


Throughout the series, Butterfingers usually seems to rely on Angelo's plans to bail him out of PE class, due to his under achievements in sports. Angelo helps him only through the pleasure of getting VIP passes or free entries to Adventure Park Land and its thrills, due to the fact Butterfingers' dad owns Adventure Park Land.


  • Butterfingers' last name is, in fact, "Fingers". In the episode "Working Hard", Angelo refers to Butter Fingers' father as "Mr. Fingers".
    • Butterfingers' name may be based off of the Butterfinger, an American peanut butter-flavored chocolate bar. However as his name suggests his name is play on the term "Butterfingers" which usually refers to someone whom is clumsy or to someone who slips up on a lot of things. This can be highly supported by Butterfingers frequent fowl ups and unfortunate hazards seen in the episodes.
  • Coincidently his hairstyle resembles somewhat that of Vegeta's from the Dragon Ball franchise, one resemblace is their hair design is uniquely upward and spiky. Oddly enough, Butterfingers looks somewhat similar to a Super Saiyan, a transformation of the Saiyans. Both his appearance and that of the Super Saiyan transformation share golden blond-hair and blue or turquoise colored eyes respectively.
  • On Cartoon Network Arabic,his name is said to be Leen on some episodes.
    • The name derives from the feminine name Leanne that either way could mean "soft", "gentle" or "tender". Ironically the name is given in reference to Butterfinger's appearance and personality.
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