Ball-buster of a gym coach who never lets his students catch their breath. He is cocky, and likes compliments. This is enough for Lola to distract him for Angelo's plans. Zonka is the offical gym coach for the show's school, and represents certain Russian or East European heritage.

" I am young man!!!" Zonka.


His surname is of Hungarian origin of which it means "maimed" or "mutliated". His name is most likely a pun, since in most cases he works his students to a special degree of P.E class.

It leads to great speculation on his nationality, his accent would suggest that Coach Zonka may be Irish or Russian, although his accent could be of Hungarian origin as both the accents sound similar. Other evidence that suggests that he is of either Hungarian or Irish exists in a few episodes mentioning the culture he came from. In the episode "School Heist," Zonka said that when he was a child "it's no blood, no foul," at Angelo's excuse to get of his class. As typical personalty traits in Russian men, they are usually resiliant, cold, arrogant, and highly persistant. Cutting his students no slack or remorse might reflect such values. This was also suggested when he recalls his memories of the 500 yard dash during his younger years, as his previous students in exhaustion try to make to the finish line, while Zonka laughs in amusement. Of course, the mention of yards may suggest that he grew up in a country where Imperial measurements were still applied.



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