""What in the World of IRA???""

While Angelo's Mom is in charge at home, his Dad is much less strict and more likely to care about what everyone is going to watch on TV! Angelo and his Dad are very close which means that he can get away with more things when his Dad is around. He is himself very clumsy.


Angelo's dad is calm. But that changes on TV. He likes playing with Joe Momma. He is forgetful, whenever he goes out, he'll come back because he is sure to forget something.

VIDEO GAMER: He likes to play Flamethrower bunny , the videogame.


  • Angelo's dad has a weakness. He cannot stand children with teary eyes.
  • He is a basketball fan.
  • He would pay 200 bucks for a original bandage of his favourite team.
  • He always asks his wife's permission when it comes to giving punishments to children.