Detention - the first episode of 1 season.


Angelo is planning to escape Sherwood from Detention.


The episode begins with Alonzo and Clyde playing basketball on the court. Meanwhile Angelo, Sherwood and Lola are walking towards the court, the ball accidentally bounces and is caught by Sherwood. He immediately starts playing, throwing the ball into the ring. Angelo praises his friend when Alonzo says the opposite-that getting into the ring was an accident, and calls Sherwood names. Angelo replies that the two of them can easily win the game. Alonzo and Clyde accept the challenge to play, but then Sherwood reminds Angelo that he was punished and left after school for a small explosion in chemistry class. Still, Sherwood agrees. He feels that they are in trouble. Sherwood runs to the classroom, then Angelo makes calculations, and begins the first stage. Angelo needs to get punished, he draws unpleasant drawings with Mr. Foot, Foot punishes Angelo, and he ends up in Sherwood's class, where Maneti is still sitting. Angelo explains to Sherwood that they need to escape. They need help from maneti, and offer to join Him, since he is still being punished every day. Maneti agree. They need help from outside, so Angelo writes a text on paper, makes a plane out of paper, and launches it outside to Lola. Angelo asks Lola to distract Foot for 30 seconds. She calls Foote's number, pretending to be Sherwood's mom, and she thanks the teacher for the punishment. Meanwhile, Angelo, Sherwood, and Maneti run outside. The plan worked, they played basketball, and Foot notices them. Maneti managed to escape, and Angelo and Sherwood were punished again.





Alonzo Bobshnagger

Clyde Rogandarthus

Candy (Uncredited)

Walter Manetti

Owen J. Foot



Monica in this episode name is Mona

Regina Bamermaid

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