”It can’t be done that fast! He’s only on level 41, there’s 75 levels!”


Ethan, also known as Monkey Boy, is a secondary character in Angelo Rules. He is obsessed with video games as shown in several episodes.Sherwood described Ethan as the "Best gamer ever." Ethan was with the children who tried to stay up all night but was the first known one (other than Peter and Cooper) to fall asleep; Angelo took his cupcake from him in order to stop Manetti from eating his father's slice of pie. Ethan was shown to love Cathy's cupcakes in several episodes, being one of the people Angelo had to stop getting the free samples. In newer episodes, he is shown to sit next to Angelo in class, implying that the two are friends. Most episodes including Ethan are mostly about video games. Examples: Video gamer life and Game off. In most episodes he can be seen hanging out with Butterfingers. In some episodes he helps Angelo but, sometimes he ends up giving up.



Butterfingers (Best friend), Candy, Monica, Angelo, Sherwood, Lola




His hair is spiky going to his left and is purple. He wears a red vest with a light blue shirt underneath. He wears a cylinder like band on his arm. His pants are brown and his shoes are red.

When gaming, his eyes turn into pixels, when distorted his pupils get smaller. Ethan can also look kinda weird from a downward facing up position.


Ethan is usually a laid back person and always loves to play video games. Ethan is a loose person (like Angelo) He is calm and usually never gets mad. But, unlike Angelo, he gives up easily and needs reassurance to keep going.

On multiple occasions Ethan can become carried away, by having fun. Shown when him, Angelo and Sherwood pretended that taking the birds out of the gym was like a game. Ethan got carried away twice because he wants to keep playing it, as it was a “video game” in real life.

Ethan can also get inpatient however it doesn‘t last too long and usually he keeps going on with whatever he’s doing.

Big roles

The Greatest Free Sample Ever

Ethan acts as some sort of antagonist in this episode, as he is one of three people Angelo, Lola and Sherwood have to stop.

In the replay video, Angelo shows to his friends. Ethan is seen acrobatically flipping on the glass panel to get the free samples, this earns his nickname “Monkey Boy” Sherwood then puts olive oil on where Ethan’s hand is gonna be.

During the finale, Ethan is seen trying to get a free sample but, due to Sherwood’s olive oil, Ethan slips off the glass panel and falls off. He is not seen again after this.

Game Off

In game off, Ethan has one of his first major roles as a character. He is first seen, playing video games and his completely tuned out when Sherwood and Angelo come to talk to him. Eventually they get his attention by “utilising how gamers speak” Ethan states that he’s been playing flamethrower bunny all night and exclaims how awesome the game is. Angelo arrogantly enough says implies to the viewer that he’s stronger than Ethan and won’t get stuck into a video game, however this was a lie and he starts getting sucked up into flamethrower bunny like Ethan.

Ethan appears once again, after Angelo and Sherwood seek help from him, due to Angelo’s dad getting addicted to the game. He says that his parents took the game away from him and he declines Angelo’s request to help him. However, they make Ethan change his mind by making him think about the cool stuff in newer levels in the game, to the point where he agrees.

Ethan, Angelo and Sherwood wait patiently at Angelo’s house while waiting for the right time to strike. Angelo and Sherwood manage to distract Elena and Angelo’s dad as Ethan comes in. They tell him to complete the game and so Ethan does. He has a rather enjoyable and swift time playing the game. Ethan’s speed coupled by the moisture in his hands makes it the console start to heat up. Angelo’s dad tries to enter through the door and so Ethan exclaims that he needs more time.

After a few minutes Ethan manages to complete the game. He went so fast that he head butts the table in a state of limbo.

Near the end Ethan says that they can always play flamethrower bunny 2 and him and Angelo’s dad rush out to (presumably) the game store.

Kick-it Ball

Ethan is shown as one of the many students participating in a game of kick it ball. He is mostly seen waiting as Angelo explains the game to Manetti and Cooper.

Once it’s his turn, Ethan is seen playing his video games before noticing the ball coming his direction. He swiftly kicks the ball at a tremendous force. The ball goes between Butterfinger’s legs and hits the back fence, earning him 2 points.

When Smitty interrupts the game. Ethan kicks the ball at Smitty but, it gets thrown back at him, much like the other kids. Eventually as the mess starts to grow, Ethan says its time to “log off” and goes away.

Ethan is again seen cheering on for Sherwood. In the background he is seen waiting for the game to start again.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He tried to make a video game tutorial but, failed miserably.
  • In most episodes he is playing games.
  • For the whole of season 1 Ethan only spoke a few times.
  • He has the same hairstyle as Slobber.
    • His hair is only slightly more spiker and less compacted.
  • He’s of Asian Descent.
    • This is hinted on multiple occasions such as when he was shown eating rice with chopsticks in the episode “sleepover” and his face appeared on the country Japan, which is an Asian country.
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