The episode starts with Angelo having breakfast and his dad reading the newspaper. Suddenly then, Angelo dad tells that a burglar chose to get caught in the middle of his robbery, instead of leaving his pet rat and exclaims that people are geting wierd. In a flashback we see Angelo's dad playing with the family cat Joe Mama, acting childishly. Then at school, when Angelo is talking with Sherwood and Lola, he remembers that he forgot to do Mrs. Pearla's homework. Lola reminds Angelo that Mrs. Pearla's homework is due right after reccess. Angelo then exclaims that he will finish the homework during recess. But when Sherwood does his calculations, he finds out that even if Angelo copies his homework, Angelo cannot finish it in time. Angelo then decides to extend recess. While thinking of a way to extend recess, Angelo remembers what his father told during breakfast. He instantly calls his dad and fakes and excuse to bring Joe Mama to school using the fake Mom approval method on his dad. During recess, Angelo makes Sherwood in charge of the bell and Lola in charge of distracting Coach Zonka. Angelo manages to get his cat stuck upon a tree in the school playground and his plan works. Everyone sees the cat and tries to rescue it, including Mrs. Pearla forgetting about the late school bell. During this time, Angelo tries to complete his homework, Sherwood turns off the School bell and Lola acts as if she has stomach pain in order to distract Coach Zonka. When Mr. Foot and and Mrs. Pearla fall down from the tree trying to rescue Joe Mama, Mr. Foot calls Coach Zonka. Angelo manages to complete his homework and tells Sherwood to turn on the school bells. But Coach Zonka gymnastically climbs the tree and saves Joe Mama. But Joe Mama runs toward Angelo, who is standing right next to Sherwood. Joe Mama trips Angelo and he falls on Sherwood, who hits the school bell. Right afterwards, the teacher enter the school and see Joe Mama in Angelo's arms. Angelo then makes an excuse that this was his neighbour's cat and that it followed him to school. Even after an hour, the school bell is still ringing and an anouncement is made by Mr. Foot stating the school cancelled because of the bell malfunctioning. Angelo the exclaims that all his hard work was for nothing, but then Lola calmly exclaims that Angelo completed his homework and all the student get an hour of reccess. The next day in class, Lola tells Angelo that she forgot to do her homework and Angelo exclaims that he already got a plan. Sherwood then tells that was what he was afraid of

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