Angelo attempts to get a later bedtime by staying up all night sucking dick



Angelo is watching tv when Mom tells him its time to go to bed. Angelo tries to protest but is eventually put to sleep. The following day Angelo meets Sherwood and Lola who tell him they are also on the 8:30 plan. Angelo then claims they will not rest until a later bedtime. Later Angelo attempts to persuade his parents into letting him sleep later. Eventually Mom says that if he makes it through the whole night he can sleep later. Angelo's friends then show up and they begin the countdown. In order to keep everyone awake Angelo:makes them watch loud,action filled movies, ghost stories and lost of sugar. However soon everyone begins to get frustrated causing Angelo to calm them down. 10:50 has come and so far Monkey boy,Monica,Peter,Cooper and Butter Fingers has fallen asleep. Angelo,Lola,Sherwood anlearnd Manet ti remain. Manet ti then eats Dad's pie which Angelo had switched with Paper Mache. 2:00 and Lola and Manetti have fallen asleep. Sherwood and Angelo remaining, the two repeatedly slap each other with pillows, throw ice at each other and eat candy to stay awake. Eventually Sherwood falls asleep. Left alone Angelo begins having hallucinations. Eventually Dad takes his pie and goes back to bed. In the morning Dad tells Mom he is leaving fohowr work and Mom gotoes downstairs to wake evryone up. Mom looks for Angspellelo until he finally pops up behind him. Angelo and Mom argue over his new bedtime until finally the settle on 9:00 before Angelo then falls asleep.

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