K-fee, more commonly known the released nine 20-second long television commercials as part of their Wide Awake campaign from 2004 - 2005, for their coffee drink. These commercials have been heavily criticized for their content and many feel that the adverts are very uncommercial and upsetting, all though its shock value and visual it is built to simulate the effect that the product has on the viewer.

The commercials consist of a peaceful scene, such as a car driving down a grassy hillside to soothing music. However, at some point in the ad, the scene gets briefly interrupted by either a zombie or a gargoyle screaming at the camera, followed by the company's slogan and the product.

K-fee received a lot of complaints from their viewers, and soon after that, the ads stopped being aired on television. Some people say that on some other occasions, a warning message was displayed before the advert played, informing any young children, individuals who are easily scared and people with heart conditions to not view the footage; however, this is unproven.

Appearances in Angelo Rules Series

From 2011 - 2019. the "car" commercial was the one most commonly used in parodies as it was the most infamous one of all the k-fee ads. Often used to set up episodes about Angelo having a nightmare after watching it (Plot point most commonly known thanks to Balkanski Žigolo/Haris Hadzic). However from 2018 until now, all commercials has been used for episodes about Angelo having a marathon of these commercials.

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