Lola texts

Lola is a 13-year old girl who lives next door to Angelo and one of his best friends. She loves challenges and often encourages Angelo to go ahead with one of his plans, plus, she has a mobile phone, which helps the Angelo Crime Gang get up to even more gayness! But she spends too much time talking on the phone. She has pink hair, probably natural, as pink hair is not rare at all unless she is a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and wears twintails (it doesn't matter since it's a cartoon). She wears blue pants(probably jeans), a green dress with an orange flower and the word, "Gely" on top... which might be another word in another language & a long-sleeved white under shirt and with a darker green belt. Her eye's are green. And she wears brown shoes.



Lola is sensitive, but not about herself, about others, like Butter Fingers who cannot do anything right. She hates when somebody tells her she is ugly, and even if the risk is high, she'll get revenge. She likes her phone, and talks a lot on the phone. (and may use it in one of Angelo's mild scheme's). She is very confident when it comes to video games, due to the fact that she is good at them.


  • She buys a blue chassis for her phone, but her phone does not fit that chassis because of the design difference. (or size)
  • She gets along good with Ajay, & going with him to the school dance. except that, Ajay didn't except. leaving her sad. 
  • Lola closely resembles Zoe Drake , a character from the anime franchise, Dinosaur King. Both characters have pink colored hair, sport twintails, and both are sensitive about others and themselves.
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