Monica is a girl in Mr. Foot's class. She's 11-12 years old and she's also a school news paper journalist.


Love Interests: Butterfingers (one-time crush), Sherwood (one-time crush)

Friends: Candy (best friend), Lola, Butterfingers, Sherwood, Angelo, Ms. Purrla, Owen J. Foot, Coach Zonka

Enemies: Tracy, Elena (one-sided, Monica's side)


She has got dark orange hair. She wears a yellow T-Shirt with a line across it, and a dark-orange belt, along with green pants and green shoes.


If something goes wrong, she most likely go to tell Candy about it, or start panicing.

Monica's best friend is Candy. She has a crush on Sherwood. Also Butter Fingers has a crush on her as shown in a episode "A little romance".

She's dedicated to the school newspaper, and it can make her come off as arrogant and snobby, but she's a good person all and all.

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