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Mr. Foot is Angelo's easily annoyed teacher. He is Angelo's homeroom History teacher, and is usually an obstacle to most if not all of Angelo's plans and his first name is Owen J. Foot.


Family: Tracy (niece)

Love Interests: Ms. Purrla (crush)

Friends: Ms. Purrla, Coach Czonka, Monica, Mom

Enemies: Damien Burst (Junkboy only)


Mr Foot wears a dark green jacket, coupled with brown pants (a matching shirt that matches the pants), and matching shoes and he appeared in "Detention". his hair is a red orange with swirled yellow High-lights and appears to be bald a bit with a little piece of hair curled on his forehead, and he has green glasses with light blue rims.


  • His name is a pun of the word "foot".
  • He is often biased towards Tracy because she is his niece.
  • The J. in his name stands for Julius.
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