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Mom (mother) Dad (father) Elena (older sister) Angelo (older brother) Joe Momma (pet cat) Grandma Lawrence (grandmother)



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Peter is Angelo's younger brother. He is 5 years old (and acts like it). Peter literally bounces around the house like a chimpanzee pretending to be anything from a grunting caveman to the latest superhero. He often pulls out the "baby" card to get his way. He is also infatuated with Lola very much, Angelo even confirming that Lola is his favorite person.


As Angelo's younger brother, Peter possesses an uncanny resemblance to him. He has brown spiky hair similar to his big brother's though his is a lot shorter and messier. His eyes are also brown and beady like Angelo's as he apparently followed his brother's lead by inheriting the shape of his eyes and face from their mom. A notable difference between Peter and his older brother Angelo is the fact that he is much shorter than him. Peter's day-time outfit consists of a (ridiculously tiny) yellow and blue baseball hat, an orange T-shirt with pale yellow stripes, purple shorts, and simple blue sneakers. He has also been seen wearing a blue and yellow T-shirt and blue shorts to sleep (without the baseball hat). Being 5, Peter has started losing his baby teeth, and it can be easily seen that he has lost a tooth already (at the left side of his mouth).


Peter is loud, sweet, kind, hyper-active and highly energetic (just like all little boys should be) and has a lot more stamina than anyone less on the show. This shows when he was asked to play tag with Angelo, Sherwood and Lola as part of Angelo's plan in the episode "Little brothers are the worst". He easily tired them out although he was able to keep on running for a long time. He apparently has a huge infatuation with Lola, who just thinks of him as Angelo's cute baby brother.

Peter has a really short attention span. Commenting on this, Angelo once said "Cats are like little brothers, you can only keep them interested in a cool invention for five minutes."

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