Sherwood expects it

Sherwood Forest is one of the three main characters in Angelo Rules.


Sherwood is a young boy with dark skin, big eyes with green pupils and dark brown hair. He normally wears a white V-neck and cyan shorts with one pocket on each side. He also wears yellow-dark blue shoes. His appearence is generally civilised.


Sherwood is the often the "know it all" of the three main characters. As because his parents are overprotective, Sherwood makes the most of it" while he is with Angelo and Lola. Sherwood has affiliations with other members of his class, and he knows his best friend Angelo very well. He is generally considered the top student in the class.He plays soccer very well, and is later a member of the school team. He is against Tracy, and doesn't like her evil behavior.

Cartoon official description:

Sherwood is Angelo’s best friend and his most intellectual classmate. Sherwood can be skeptical of Angelo’s plans. Often, he’s the one to point out the possible logic flaws or potential problem with logistics. But once he’s convinced, Sherwood feeds off of Angelo and Lola’s infectious enthusiasm. Sherwood’s parents are pretty overprotective, so hanging out with Angelo means he can let loose a little and enjoy some needed freedom, excitement, and danger. Sherwood is also very good with technology, so he's the one with all the gadgets.


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