In this Episode, Angelo tries to solve a case of Peter's dead toy rabbit. But in a twist, Angelo is framed for the murder and is grounded.


The episode starts with Peter returning to the family house with Angelo's Mom and Dad and Elena after shopping. Peter pleads with his Mom to buy a new toy for him, but his Mom replys with a 'no'. Peter runs up the stairs angrily. Suddenly the family hears Peter's scream. Peter runs down the stairs, showing his torn pet toy rabbit Ralphy. Angelo then comes down the stairs, with his full family looking at him in angry expressions. Angelo's Dad grounds Angelo for a week this tonight and then asks his wife's permission, to which she replies a yes. Angelo then retaliates that he wants to go to a movie (which he waited for a month to watch) is releasing that very day and he was planning to see it with his firends. Angelo's Dad replies that he should have thought about it before tearing up Peter's toy rabbit. Angelo then tells that he did not tear up the rabbit. Angelo then tells that in order to prove his innocence, he will have to solve the case himself. Angelo then explains that his first plan is to interrogate the suspects. The suspects are :- Angelo's Dad, Angelo's Mom, Elena and maybe someone they dont know about. Angelo starts with his Mom. His Mom admits to secretly wanting to get rid of the rabbit ever since the neighbours dog peed on it, she tried to remove off the stain but no matter how hard she tried, she always failed. Angelo then focuses on his Dad, using the good cop bad cop technique, but gets nothing out off him. Angelo then talks to Elena who tells that she once saw a movie in which rabbits attacked the humans, and she could have sworn that Ralphy was the head rabbit. Angelo then examines the scene of the crime, where he find his Dad['s slippers, his Mom's coffe mug and Elena's lipstick. Angelo then exclaims that the case doesnt make any sense. All the suspects have a motive and that all of them have left something at the scene of the crim, but they all have an alibi (They were all shopping).Angelo then returns to his room and finds a scissor on him bed. Angelo then exclaims that his plan is now almost complete. Angelo then tells the family that he found the murder weapon with fingerprints on it, and that he off to Sherwood's house to get his fingerprint kit, leaving the scissors on the table. Angelo then actually hides before the refrigerator. He then catches his Mom, his Dad and Elena, but then they all tell that they were searching for their stuff. Just then, Peter enters the room, and tries to wipe off the fingerprints with a cloth. Peter gets caught by his parents and Angelo's name is finally cleared. Peter then tells his mother that he wanted a new toy but his mom wouldnt get him one. 

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