The episode starts with Angelo eating cereal for dinner. His mother gives him Brussel Sprouts instead. During dinner, Elena asks her parents for a Moped. Her parents tells her that she can get a Moped by herself by working for it. Angelo decides to help her out, if she gives him two rides a week. He finds out that Adventure Parkland wants new employes, so he decides to land Elena a job there. He prints a fake document telling of Elena's past jobs (which hasn't even done, because she has not even worked her entire life). This strategy manages to work, but Mr. Fingers gives Elena an audition. In the audition, Elena almost wrecks the plan as she gets distracted by Hunter (her boyfriend) and sleeps during her work. Angelo and his friend make her look like a cool employee by impressing Mr. Fingers. The plan works, but goes wrong when Mr. Fingers decides to make Elena a manager. Elena exclaims that she would not become a manager and that she can always get a ride from her friends. Then Hunter passes by her, and she asks for a ride. Hunter agrees.  When Angelo exclaims that he put all his hardwork and it was in vain, Elena tells him to wait to be old enough to work and get a Moped. The episode ends with Angelo looking angrily at Elena and Hunter.

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